23.01.2009 > Hunted colors by Helmo

Helmo is a collective of young French graphic designers. Their playful and modern work often goes beyond graphic design and is similar to art intervention.
With the installation Hunted Colors, Helmo offers a variation around the spring-summer collection’s theme called Color Hunting. For this collection, Dai Fujiwara and his design team, went to South America to collect the true colors of the Amazonian forest. Helmo invites the visitor to enter into this dreamy world to search these colors, trace their origin, their sources and to go back with a sample of this palette : a color that he « hunted » himself.



Paper Toys de Shin Tanaka : Sylvan – hoophy and spiky

Shin Tanaka, reconized today as one of the most interesting designer of « paper toys », makes sophisticated patterns, combining technical precision and visual inventiveness.

This time, he will show in « l’épicerie » his own figurines (creation « Houphy » and « Spiky ») as well as some patterns customized by others artists.